The Best Tile Floor Scrubber of 2019

The Best Tile Floor Scrubber of 2019 1

Tile flooring became almost the norm for most modern day bathrooms, but also kitchens, and all other areas of the household that are at risk of getting wet from time to time. The reason for this is that not only is there a large variety of styles and designs of tiles at a pretty affordable price point, but wood flooring can also easily waste away from exposure to moisture. Today we will review our choice for the best tile floor scrubber of 2019.

Tiles are a much more durable choice, and whilst they provide a longer „lifetime“ and sweeping water off the surface may be an easy task, what do you do when your tiles start to wear off, stain, and just won’t clean properly anymore? Sweeping or vacuuming your floors on a daily basis may slow down the process by not allowing filth to accumulate, and going over them with warm water is usually good enough to remove the grime, however, rough brooms used on a daily may scratch and wear-out the surface of the tiles, and so can the various cleansers and purgatives you might include into the process.

Drying your floor after regular mopping is necessary to avoid staining, however, once stains do occur; it’s a never-ending struggle: using disinfectant and/or bleach but trying to move as quickly as possible to avoid further staining from the chemicals, making a scouring powder paste, scrubbing the area with ammonia or kerosene… and then come the alternative measures: a warm water and vinegar solution, baking soda, even using a pencil eraser. Do you still think you don’t need a tile floor scrubber? Let’s look at the benefits of this product.

The benefits

No one likes to spend multiple hours a week with a bucket filled with dirty water whilst engaging in endless scrubbing. It is understandable that in the modern day and age of technology, people want to restrain from this labor as much as possible, so inventors of the world of cleaning supplies and household gadgets came up with the ideal machine: electric mops.

These steamy devices save you the mess, energy, time and sweat that can be spent doing other, certainly more fun, activities.
Electrically powered cleaning mops work at a higher force and with bigger friction than the one simple mopping by humans can provide, and all you need to do with your own hands is guide the electric mop over the designed floor and your tiles are clean in no time.

But, do necessarily all electric mops outperform manual mops, and do all electric mops really make the process more time efficient, and are all electric mops designed for multiple floor types? The answer to this question is – certainly not. Whilst electric mops and scrubbers are nothing fresh on the market, very little variation and innovation has been introduced in the design of electric mops, and most mops, thus, do not contain multitasking functions, are not designed for all floor types, and a large portion of manual labor is still required even after mopping with the electric mop.

There are, however, some designs that are beginning to step up their game with their functionality and practicality. Taking this into consideration, what is, then, the best tile floor scrubber of 2019, and why?

The product

Gladwell’s Cordless Electric Mop might just be one of, if not the best solution for the overall care of your tiles. With the Glider, you can power wash in minutes and get on with your day, without ever worrying if you have done a good enough job, but also without worrying of added friction to the floor with its dual microfiber cleaning, mopping and waxing pads. Just add water and your favorite floor cleaner to the solution if you switch to cleaning wooden floors to give hardwood, laminate, or parquet floors a sparkling clean. For quick go-to cleaning, you can even choose the option of quick spraying.


The best tile floor scrubber of 2019 definitely needs to have top-notch navigation possiblities. This scrubber’s electric mop features easy one-handed navigation that requires no additional hand movement. You can simply hover the powerful dual spin twin motors over stains to reveal a streak-free finish for any floor type, which is not something you could achieve with your average mop and this only will cut your time in half. Mopping seems almost too easy with its built-in modernized features, such as an easy-to-use control panel with LED lighting, but also the cleaning solution tank capacity of 330 ml which is sufficient enough to fill in only once even for larger areas, especially considering it comes alongside a spray nozzle for cleaning solution, so you practically don’t even need to raise your hands off the 180 degrees rotating ergonomic handle.

The Best Tile Floor Scrubber of 2019 2


Noise is not a concern either, as the mop features a quiet cleaning mode, so your neighbors will never complain of any racket from your scrubbing. You don’t even have to worry about the cord making noise and dragging you around, as it is battery-powered with a percentage indicator, including fast-charging (the device is fully recharged after about two hours). Once you are done with the actual cleaning, you can turn on waxing mode. The microfiber on the pads can be used both ways, and cleaned pretty easily, as well.


It comes with a full 1-year unlimited warranty to ensure there are no risks for you. Even if this is your first electric mop or a bigger splurge of money on a household cleaning device, you can rest assured you won’t regret the choice just by looking at the amazing reviews on the 4.5 stars rated device. So, what are your future plans for your tiles and floors? Will you buy the Gladwell’s Cordless Electric Mop, will you look for a simpler solution, or will you stick to the old-fashioned manual mopping? Being a workaholic is fun, but having a bit of relief for routine work around the house is always welcomed. Do you agree with our choice of the best tile floor scrubber of 2019? Let us know!

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