Tile Floor Scrubber

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Purchasing an automatic Tile Floor Scrubber is an expensive investment, and you need to conduct thorough research before you buy one. The most important thing to keep in mind is the cleaning that the unit is expected to do and the surface on which it is to be used. However, nowadays it is possible to find multi-purpose scrubbing machines which can be used on different types of surfaces in one pass. All you need to do is change the agitator brushes and the settings on the machine.

Even though purchasing a floor cleaning machine can be expensive, it will make up for it regarding time and labor it will save you. With an automatic scrubber, you can clean a floor ten times faster than you can with a traditional mop and bucket. There are a few things you need to bear in mind while purchasing an automatic floor scrubber.

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Size of the area


The first thing to consider is the size of the area that you will be cleaning. If the unit is too small, then it will take too much time to clean a large area. This, in turn, will increase your labor costs. On the other hand, if you purchase a floor scrubber that is too big for the area then it becomes hard to maneuver and difficult to clean efficiently. Most of the times the auto scrubber manuals mention both the hypothetical and practical time required to clean. This cleaning time is measured in feet per hour, and it is wise to pick a machine that provides a practical cleaning time per hour and then reduce it by 75%. This is because there will be obstacles in the way of your cleaning when you are cleaning a home, office or industrial area. This will require you to maneuver taking up time, and there is also the time taken for filling and emptying the tanks. Usually, if you buy the tile floor scrubber or multi-purpose scrubber from a physical store, the dealers will allow you to test the machine.

Power of cleaning

Power is a very important factor to consider when you are purchasing a floor scrubber. Power means three aspects in case of floor scrubbers – number of batteries, size of the battery and type of battery that the machine uses. It is also possible to get machines which operate on direct electric power and in that case you should know the wattage that it consumes. When it comes to battery operated floor scrubbers, and then you will most probably get 12 volts, 24 volt or 36-volt machines. The 36-volt machines will have more run time between charging making things more convenient for you. If you need to clean larger areas, then it is advisable to use a higher voltage machine.

Type of construction

The kind of construction of the Tile Floor Scrubber or multi-purpose scrubber is also an important factor to be considered because the durability and also the weight of the machine depend on this factor. Auto floor scrubbers are made of many different types of materials. The two most popular materials are ABS plastic and Rotocast polyethylene. If you need to do the only light cleaning that is done is most homes then it is a good idea to buy a machine made from ABS plastic which is less expensive. However, bear in mind that if the machine made from ABS plastic hits an obstacle with force, it will most probably crack. On the other hand, if you need to do heavy duty commercial cleaning, then a machine made of Rotocast is a better option. This plastic does not break or crack when it hits an obstacle with little force. Even if you want a machine that will last longer, then it is a good idea to buy one made of Rotocast polyethylene.

Brush type

Of course as mentioned above most of the multi-purpose floor scrubbers provide different types of brushes for cleaning different surfaces. However, there are two main types of brushes used in floor scrubbers – traditional rotary style or cylindrical systems. With the rotary type of machine, you can also use attachments like pad drivers, floor pads, brushes for heavy duty cleaning and grinding stones for work on terrazzo and marble floors. Cylindrical systems are better for tiles and VCT floors, but they are not as versatile as the rotary systems and are also more expensive to maintain and repair.